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New build, doesnt have a optical drive, where to get ROG software

Level 7
Hi there,

I recently did a completely new build using the ROG Crosshair VI.

I have no optical dirve, so I cant use the enclosed disk which I assume has all the ROG software as advertised on the Crosshair VI page.

The support link for the motherboard has no links to the ROG software.

So, how does one get all the ROG software? Why does Asus make it so hard to get this stuff?

Level 7
OK, I feel slightly bad, but not totally bad.

The ROG software downloads should be here - so bad on you Asus for not keeping an up-to-date page and a 1 click solution for your customers.

Instead, the software is buried under the motherboards Utilities link *IF* you click See All Downloads and scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll and eventually you will find the separate pieces of ROG software.