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need first aura version #

Level 8
i need the first aura version # that supports terminal please if someone knows which one added terminal support.. ive been searching versions for hours.. theres sooo damn many 😞

Level 9
i can share v1.6.0.17 with you if that helps..

As its stated "recommended" on this page:

thank you katlani, as i figured would happen, "aura has stopped working" with that version... pop 1.05.18 back in and fires right up..
minus the terminals 😞

sigh.. this is getting old real quick..

Level 13
i will test a way to make these app works thanks for the community star points. for the moment i find 3 issues. 1. is a app issue, 2 a driver issue with Visual C++ amd windows. since how the app is install make a difference with perks. IF! want to try, since is a tryal error (not supposted to be since has to work to all as same, and is not. we can do something.

Please give me time to test the way on another computer that will have a test subject by the weekend. and see if these can be replicate and some app modificacion.

The issue is basic a kernel error. so is a app issue or a windows issue. and how the app is build. since all asus apps that do lighting carry mostly the same info and function. at first view all aps use the same C++ 2015-2019 but is not. i know sound crazy. but have sence. i find out that if i install windows last version 1903 and isntall the drivers and then the apps, aura do not load. if change that and install aura first (a note tip give by a user on the forums) works. Keep in mind. that y need to cycle power on the devices. so let the pc sit for a 20m all disconnected.

That is for what i find and may as found useful. is sad that these apps, should work on first install with any user intervention and SHOULD BE FIX before users move away from the brand. pride is overrated. i love the brand love my pc but sometimes i want to the take the part to the trashcan. the idea is push a fix not a brand move.

i am using CodeXi 9900k with 360 asus aio, 1080tiOC strix light strips cougar that 100% compatible product, all last apps including aura live dash

Now. kicker. i find out that in bios (with last bios) CSM disable and full eufi and secure boot certificacion NOT LOADED on a nvme. I test samsung with driver and not and normal drive less nvme. an at least on my machine is ok. but my friend same specs does not work as same so is a lottery

as fix has to be build so installation and upgrade is easy with out jerryrig a solution that most are not savy. I am not a programmer but i like to make all my "expensive" return works.
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