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Nahimic Service causing programs to startup slow

Level 9
Hello there, noticed today some of my programs not all, mainly firefox, emclient, aimp player, chrome takes ages to load up when I click on them, i then disabled all non MS services via msconfig and everything was fine, I then began the long journey of finding out which service was the culprit, it was the NAHIMIC service. Everything now loads up as fast as usual, I could not figure out why all of a sudden this service would cause problems as I had not manually updated anything, but then I noticed via the MS STORE that Sonic Studio 3, Sonic Radar 3 had updated yesterday in the background, I believe this NAHIMIC service is linked to this?
If anyone can give me some insight or if you also have experienced slow downs etc...
Also is this NAHIMIC service needed for anything special?


Level 7
Hello, I have the exact same issue as you. Chrome and Firefox loading slow when the Nahimic Service enabled. I have a Asus Maximus XI Hero (Wifi), my Realtek driver is I would also appreciate some help with this.

Thank you for replying to this post, thought it was just me lol...
I also noticed that some other apps have a slow launch also, like AIMP player....
I do not think the service is needed unless you use the Sonic Studio 3....

Level 14
So this has been that little issue, I also have noticed some similar issues, including Microsoft Solitaire not opening fully

There is a thread about Realtek drivers that has some information about driver versions and installing realtek drivers and letting Microsoft update Sonic Studio III

Nividia now has 2 different driver sets of same version, one standard and one that works with Microsoft, probably some new standard of some kind that I don't want to bother researching

Same here. Have to kill NahimicSvc64.exe & NahimicSvc32.exe for ideal performance. Delay in start (lots of apps) is significant.

Last audio update caused automatic error file write to temp and cause hiccups... And now this. Nahimic is worse thing you cant get. Every version has major bugs. Hope they fix it soon.


Level 14
Is it a combination of this driver and Win 10 version 1809, Windows updates have been causing issues that are difficult to identify

Happening here, too. It seems to go and then crop up now and again, but I have not traced the exact situation. Killing the service seems to help. The service restarts, but doesn't keep spawing nahimicsv32.exe over and over again

Menthol wrote:
Is it a combination of this driver and Win 10 version 1809, Windows updates have been causing issues that are difficult to identify

I knows is a lot post. But yes. After many atemps to trace these. It is 1809. I make some test with multiple combination on drivers, (ime chipset network apps etc etc and etc.) and I find out it is 1809.

I take the 3 days challange and install 1803. (some issues since all new platform are made for 1809) Aura is working perfect, audio are working perfect (all funtions sound FX etc, NO ISSUES. In fact on 1809 (tested 5 days ago) even blue screens on realtek.

The issue is worst but these is as far my research goes.

I will try 1 more time today installing POST drivers recommend with some msg that i get from managers.

The issues es simple. IF i install 1809 (download from MS) install
1. scenario using crate (oficial drivers from my motherboard) the app crash inclusing a cascade failer on all apps ALL including armory, GPTII my aio nzxt apps etc.
2. scenario using drivers from website (crate disable) app crash same situation above.
3. scenario only using drivers only same scenario as above.
4. scenario using driver update from device manager. same scenario but, some apps works. ok. aura takes time to sync and sometimes de-sync. other issues has come in front but I am ok with it.
5. I have the MEUpdate install (from the asus website from my board) I think these is root of the issue.

Take out all. and install 1803, force stop windows to make the update to 1809. NO MORE ISSUES. BUT is trade off. since most all MS application need 1809 to work like accounts etc etc.

The idea of these test is to avoid RMA. I am sure that these is the case. If I take the my board and apply for RMA these will pass. but is a driver issue not a hardware issue. so ASUS heads up. today I am staring to work these again. I have all ready. And I have to help my Facebook community since there are uses that even the lights do not work. Is not a issue to take out drivers a stop services and application. As i exchange emails and PM. People expect price vs return. If i use a 400 or 500 usd board I expect to do so . If I want to to take features and key points on why i get x model, i take these out and get a 100 usd board or get a board that these is not needed. Or another brand that does not depend on realtek drivers.

I hope these helps someone
Learn, Play Enjoy!

For my GL504GS, the Asus downloads area is offering an ealier (complete) version of the Audio drivers.

Here is the text from the Asus site:

496.26 MBytes
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8219

Level 10
Weird, on Hero XI drivers page, Audio is version but only 159.42mo size. Also it has the fix for Nahimic:
Realtek Audio Driver
[Fix info]:
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8591 for Windows 10 64-bit.(WHQL)
-Fixed Nahimic Sonic studio auto dump log issue.