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MemTweakIt driver error

Level 8
I installed MemTweakIt but when I start the application I have a driver error message.

Any guess what could I do?

Level 13
Starting with last months Windows cumulative update, windows is blocking memtweakit from loading a driver.

When started, Memtweakit dynamically creates driver code and loads this driver (in order to communicate with the memory). This is also what malware does and windows is apparently more strict about blocking it now. You normally can bypass such blocking on a per application basis but I tried and nothing works.

Dynamically creating a system driver and loading it is not good coding practice. Since Memtweakit appears to be legacy Asus code and I imagine it would take some effort to properly fix it, and it is highly unlikely Microsoft will do anything about this (unless there is a bug that doesn't allow this block to be bypassed), it appears memtweakit is history.

You could uninstall the windows cumulative update, but you would be forever stuck at that version of windows.

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Hi geneo,

Thanks for answering...

Now you are talking, it was exactly after the update...

I have an issue whit gamefirst too... Could be the same Windows update?