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Maximus X Formula: Live Dash conflict with Aura Software

Level 7
I originally posted this on a thread that was a year old; I'm not sure if anyone will see it, so I'm starting a new one.

I noticed recently that the Live Dash display on my Maximus X Formula no longer responds to the software. I tried to get it to display a different set of parameters but the settings never took; when I close and reopen the software it will only show the CPU Temp box selected, meaning it didn't save my selections, nor did it show boxes checked for the items it was displaying. I've noticed that I can get the software to respond to changes if I uninstall Aura (the app and the Aura service, I believe), but then I'm left without being able to control the lighting. Both of these had been working fine for quite some time; I'm not sure when these issues began to arise. I had been using Aura version 1.07.22, and just recently updated to 1.07.35, and still see the issue in either case. System specs are as follows:

Ai Suite 3.00.13
DIP5 1.05.13
Aura 1.07.22
Live Dash 1.01.09
Windows 10 Pro 1803 Build 17134.523

Other symptoms I've seen:

  • If I uninstall Aura and Live Dash, then reinstall Aura, the Live Dash display cycles through the CPU Temp and Freq items before even reinstalling the Live Dash software.
  • Sometimes the Live Dash app won't open at all.
  • The only hardware changes I've made recently are to add two aRGB fans, and they work fine with Aura. I'm just not sure why the Live Dash display would stop responding to its software.
  • At one point I reinstalled Live Dash before reinstalling Aura; Live Dash accepted my five new display selections (CPU Temp, CPU Freq, W_Temp In, CPU Fan, and Chassis Fan 2). After reinstalling Aura, Live Dash went back to only showing CPU Temp and Freq (an earlier setting).

Okay, I can confirm that after uninstalling Aura (app and Aura Service) and Live Dash, then reinstalling Live Dash software, it will work, allowing me to change the display (hardware monitoring, animations, etc.). I then went into the Aura folder, and installed the Asus Service software (not the user interface). At this point, the lighting reverted to my last configuration, as did the Live Dash display (only showing CPU Temp and Freq, and not allowing me to make any changes). This appears to be a clear conflict between Aura Service and Live Dash.

Thank you to anyone who can help with this.

Level 7

My Livedash app wont even start, it says "Asus device no found !!".

I do have iCUE, CAM and Aura installed.

I posted the solution for my issue in this thread:

I don't know how helpful it will be to other issues, but it's worth a shot.