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Maximus VI Formula: Fan control with AI Suite?

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have this Maximus VI Formula board, which is driving my i& 4700k at 4.3ghz flawlesly since almost 2 years, without any problem.

I changed my case so now I am using the onboard fan header to control my fans. So I said, I'll install asus software 🙂

Windows 8.1 64bits, tried AI Suite II that I can find on the board download, DIP4.dll error and nothing works.
Installing AI Suite 3, not working, DIP5 crash (setup has stop responding)
Reinstalled all in Windows 10 x64 (finally, it was about time)
Reinstalled AI Suite 3, same ****, not working.

Contacted Asus live chat: I do apologize, Christian, AI Suite III is not compatible with Windows 10 for this motherboard.

I followed all I could find here in ROG forums (copying the DRV folder, run as admin and compatibility a Windows7, etc.. Nothing works. Am I stuck with no software support, for that very nice board and not cheap that I bought 2 years ago?

Any help would be appreciate if there is something I can do 🙂