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Manually adding games to Armoury Crate.

Level 8
Hey peeps.

Is there a way to manually add games to Armoury crate?

Level 8
Do you mean you want to add the games to Game Library?

Level 8
Yes. I have a lot of games that don't show up when I click on scan, although I think that maybe only games that I have played recently show as available?

1.Click the button to the right of the search button(search bar)
2.Click the Add Games button in the pop-up menu.
3.Find the game which you want to add in the dialog.

Thankyou. I had already done that, but there were still games that were just not there.
I've figured it out now though. I load the game/s that aren't there as I normally would, with their respective windows shortcuts and then exit back to desktop. Then open Armoury crate and rescan, they magically appear!

You find the hidden feature in the Game Library.

As far as I know, there are three ways to add the games to the Game Library.
1.Automatically add.
2.Manually add.
3.Appear automatically in the dialog by the magical function.
But there is no information about the magical function in the Game Library.

Here's the triggering conditions of the magical function.
1.Open the game which is not in the Game Library.
2.Keeps the game in the foreground for a while(3~5 mins).
3.You will find the game magically appear.(Maybe you need to click the rescan button)

Searching for games is also crap, it's searching for a lifetime and there is no maually search any where it have to be called armoury crap, 16 games installed on 3 launchers but no no it can't find


Thanks bro. It really helped me. 😀

Where do you see the scan button I only see add and delete options??