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Managed Bios on G75VX Server Cient in Shared User Mode

Level 7
I was wondering if any other people had Client in User Mode in their bios? I wanted to know if anybody else had the AMI Aptio Network Managed Setup Utility installed on their retail computers? I wanted to know if any other G75VX owner could actual change the Boot path in their bios other than to disk volumes? I wanted to know if any G75VX owners actually had an installed operating system on a C: drive partition? My operating system is installed to a partitioned Volume on the C:drive. I wanted to know if any G75VX owners had any network server client drivers in the device manager under hidden devices, are there any Virtual Disks? I wanted to know if any G75VX owner's computer was configured as a Workstation with it running in services and for win8 owners I wanted to know if Remote Procedure Call (RPC) had critical system processes dependent on it? I also had a question about the registry in win8 and win7 64bit file extensions and their associations. I have hundreds of file extensions in my registry and my .reg file is 170MB in size and 1400 pages in txt. I was also wondering if anybody had corporate network client software installs in the Windows Assembly Folder that are un-installable without permission?