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LiveDash for Ryujin 360 AIO Installation link

Level 7
I recently purchased the Ryujin 360 AIO and I am enjoying it so far except for how hard it is to change the image on the OLED screen. I did some research and in order to do so an application called Live Dash is needed. I have looked all around the internet and Asus official website and I can't seem to locate it anywhere. If anyone could point me in the right direction or preferably post the link in this thread that would be greatly appreciated.

Level 12
Normally it is with ArmouryCrate downloadable from the ROG Ruyjin support page:

LiveDash Oled is no longer supported and may cause compatibility issues. It is found on the support of the cards which used it before the release of AC such as here for example but it is at your own risk:

It comes from this page in Windows 10 64bit compatibility. The Software and Utility Section:

Ok that makes sense. I already have Armory Crate and It was still not functioning properly. I did a clean install of Armory Crate and that seemed to fix the problem. Thanks for the information.