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LightingService CPU Usage/Clock Freq

Level 7
I know someone is going to say that this issue has been brought up before but I cannot, for the life of me, find a solution to this.

Recently built a new system: 9900K, Z390-E motherboard, Trident Z Neo 32GB-3600, all in a CM H500 case. All three of those components are able to be synced and controlled by the Asus motherboard RGB software. I have now tried Asus Aura, Asus Armoury Crate, and even both together. The desired lighting profile is in the Rainbow tab of Armoury Crate (the blue-red-pink one), but when I choose that, the LightingService service eats up 6-7% CPU usage, and more annoyingly, it brings my 9900K up to its boost clock of 4.7 GHz. If I select a more boring profile such as Static or Breathing, this issue goes away.

This cannot possibly be intentional, there is absolutely no way, changing some colors and animating should force my CPU to run at the frequency. At this point (after searching online) I've tried: restarting PC, restarting LightingService, uninstalling/reinstalling Aura, uninstalling/reinstalling Armoury Crate, having just Armoury Crate installed, having just Aura installed, restarting the service in Task manager, etc. etc.

Am I missing something or is this software just such actual garbage that this is inevitable? Is there a specific version of either of these softwares that will allow me to use this lighting profile without these ridiculous bugs?

Level 8
i think your results are not that bad compared to others with 50-60% cpu utilization....

You could try installing the ligiting service first (not sure if works with AC). Please see:

I don't use AC just AURA and when AURA was not working right it was a CPU Hog until i fixed my issue with Aura and it now has low cpu usage.