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Leftover Virtual Pet files after uninstallation

Level 9

Virtual Pet uninstallation has not completely removed all it's files.

I also cannot find the program anymore in Armoury Crate.

Virtual Pet 1.jpg


Virtual Pet 2.jpg

There is no uninstall.exe in that Virtual Pet folder in Explorer. Not sure how to delete everything to do with it.

I looked in Windows> Apps> Uninstall, but it is not there like it's already been uninstalled. I checked the uninstall tab in CCleaner but it's not appearing in there either, so these programs assume Virtual Pet and all associated files have been uninstalled/deleted, but clearly haven't been.

Even if I delete those files in Explorer - the program will still appear in System>Display>Graphics.

Not sure what to do. 🤔



Level 9

I expanded the Virtual Pet entry in System>Display>Graphics and clicked the 'remove' button to remove it from that list. Then I deleted all the leftover files in Explorer.

Virtual Pet 1.jpg


Bit messy, but should be adequate to entirely remove this program.

I guess Virtual Pet is not showing anymore in AC because I uninstalled via Windows - so it removes itself from AC.