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LED strips turn off after shut down

Level 7
Hi, the motherboard LEDs stay on but the LED strips connected to the RGB header turn off when I shut the computer down. Is this beahviour normal? Isn't there any way to make the strips stay on with motherboard LEDs after turning the comupet off (sleep, hibernate)?

My motherboard is TUF H370 - PRO GAMING (I know it's not ROG, hope it doesn't mind asking the question here) and I'm using Phanteks LED strips (AURA compatible, non-addressable) connected to the RGB header (non-addressable) on the motherboard.

I see most of the people asking about turning all off the lights off a I couldn't find much about the opposite.

Level 9
As far as I know AURA only allows the motherboard LEDs to be active on shut down. Connected devices can only be active when the PC is on. Hope this helps.

Level 13
is not a option. strips will turn off when the computer is off. Motherboard lights can be on or off, using aura or complete off in bios.
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Ah, so it's normal. Thank you both for clarification. Kinda pity, it would be nice to have all the light always on as a decoration even when I'm not using the computer.