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Latest Armory Crate and ROG Chakram updates break wifi

Level 7
A couple days ago I updated Armory Crate and Chakram, after that having problems with wifi. Now I observe the following behavior:

1. If I start laptop with mouse 2.4 dongle plugged in and load Windows, it forgets that wifi and bluetooth exists. The option to enable wifi or bluetooth are just gone. They dissapear from Windows Device Manager.
2. If I turn off laptop (completely, even turn off power brick), unplug dongle, turn latop back on, wifi works as usual.
3. After that, dongle can be plugged in - mouse, wifi, bluetooth all work correctly until next restart.

There is only place where traces of wireless module can be found - when I open network settings and at the bottom select "View hardware and connection properties" (This name might be not entirely correct as I had to translate from Russian). There module is listed as disabled.
If I reboot straight to Linux, the same is seen there. So, it seems that Windows disables wifi module entirely.
Once again, this started after latest updates to Armory Crate and Chakram. Anticipating the question about reinstalling - it did not help.

I will gladly provide additional details, just don't know what is needed.

Community Admin
Community Admin
What laptop are you using?
FPS, Racing & VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Asus x570ud-e4038

Installed updates - problem persists

Updated Armory Crate to, nothing is fixed

Today, after a number of updates (I did not care to log all here), I decided to check if this issue is taken care of. So far, Windows booted and wifi is working.

Nope, not yet.

Nevermind, I bought new laptop and this issue is not applicable to me anymore.