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Latest 3703 BIOS issue/Z170-A

Level 7
Hi all, since updating the Asus Z170-A mobo to the latest 3703 BIOS version I'm experiencing frequent freezes, the screen all of a sudden gets garbled and nothing responds forcing me to shutdown and restart. Is it possible to flash the BIOS to an earlier version that had no issues? Thanks

Level 9
If this version is one of the latest including the Intel microcode update which is aimed to resolve the vulnerability issue, then yes - you are bound to get lockups/freezes as far as i have heard.
This is because the microcode update is still not totally refined, so you can always roll back by downgrading to a lower BIOS version not including this modification.

Level 7
Thanks, is it safe to flash the BIOS with an earlier version? Is it done using the same method I use for updating the BIOS? (restart, enter BIOS and use the update menu to point to the CAP file)