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Is there any way to NOT use Asus' Sonic Studio?

Level 7

I have tested each version of Sonic Studio available - they're all not suitable in the sense they cause endless issues. If I exit or disable then my system is fine. If it's left open, I find random crashes and other issues - and the only pattern revolves around Sonic Studio.

I have removed the drivers and installed the ones from the Realtek website - this has made a large improvement. However, I'm now left without an equalizer.

Is there a way to use default Realtek drivers and have an equalizer? If not, I'd rather have mediocre sound than install Sonic Studio again.

ps: I have spent around a three weeks testing this, with one clean install with nothing else installed. As soon as Sonic Studio was installed, the same issues starting appearing.


AMD Ryzen R9 5900X
ASUS ROG Strix B550-E (the worst motherboard I've owned in 25 years)
Corsair H150i Pro XT 360mm
32GB Corsair VENGEANGE LPX 3600MHz CL18
EVGA RTX 3080 FTW Hybrid w/ 280mm radiator
M.2 WD 1TB SN550 | 2 * WD Blue 1TB SATA | 2 * Toshiba N300 8TB | 400TB on a 48-bay Supermicro server
Corsair RM850X
Fractal Meshify 2
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro