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Is It possible to run Asus Apps on Linux (Manjaro) ?

Level 7
I was thinking of switching and wanted to know If I could run Asus app such as Aura sync and similar apps


Level 7
The asus software which comes with asus such as armory crate is not open source so you will face difficulty. Other than that there are alternatives in manjaro for other softwares but you will not be able to control the aura sync and may have problems with keyboard such as some hot keys may not work you have to find alternatives for them or a way to set them back. Like for my Asus G531GV i am facing problems such as no control or alternatives for aura sync and many hot keys were not working directly, has to manually set the keys for functions but apart from that all is going on smoothly. 😮
Not every asus laptops are facing these problems, some of the models have issues in finding alternatives.