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Important Question concerning downgrading from WIndows 8 to 7

Level 7
Hello, I'm YIminy Cricket, and well, I'm obviously new here. Anyway formalities aside, I have a few questions (that I'm sure you've all heard before but please bear with me).

Okay, so I got a new Asus G-Series laptop and such, and it came preloaded with Windows 8. I'm planning on downgrading it to Windows 7 Professional Edition as soon as the disc gets here. Now the question is is this a good idea? I've been told that Asus usually has the software fine-tuned for optimal performance and downgrading would possibly affect my computer's performance. Is this true? Should I stick to Windows 8 or go through with the "downgrade"?

Thank you in advance.

and in win8 u will have the dx12 very soon

Level 7
win 8 is better but this question should be issued to some microsoft support forum

Level 10
New versions of direct x are GPU based, will work on any windows platform and GPUs from I believe the gtx 500 series forward I believe
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Level 7
hm... i see... thank you guys. i have some more thinking to do then...

but thank you all anyway. and as for what i wanted? i guess both confirmation and information. but yeah again, i'll go over what you guys said and think about it. thanks guys