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iCue, Aura and Phanteks Evolv X

Level 7
Hi everyone!
I have many Corsair RGB products (fans, keyboard, RAM, AIO, mouse, mousepad, commander Pro, ...), an Asus motherboard (Maximus X formula), GPU (strix 1070ti A8G) and a Phanteks Evolv X. For several months now, iCue has been supporting my motherboard and my GPU which is really nice. However, it doesn't detect the Evolv X addressable LEDs (which are connected to the motherboard as the Commander Pro connectors are not the same).
Aura detects the motherboard, GPU and case LEDs. When I uninstalled it, I lost control over the motherboard and GPU lighting in iCue, which tells me that iCue detects the motherboard and the GPU through Aura. I installed Armoury Crate (the new version of Aura, kind of) and iCue detects the motherboard and the GPU again. However, even though Armoury Crate detects and has control over the Evolv X LEDs, I still can't control them through iCue...
I know there are some cables to connect D-RGB strips to a Commander Pro, however these are impossible to fine in Western Europe (or it has ridiculous shipping fees for a cable). This is the reason why I wonder whether it would be possible to control my case lighting with iCue by having it connected to the motherboard and connected to iCue through Armoury Crate, just as the motherboard and GPU are.
Thank you 😄 !

Level 7
Hello, exactly the same question