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I can't customize the RBG on RTX 3080 ASUS ROG STRIX

Level 7
Both Armoury Crate and ASUS Aura are unable to customize the RBG on through the software. Armoury Crate shows that there is an update for the GPU (RTX 3080 ROG STRIX) but whenever I try to update is just resets and doesn't complete the update then it says "Sorry we cannot finish the file installation. Please restart the system and retry. (Error Code 12)"

I've attempted to reinstall and reboot my computer but it always has the same problems.

On ASUS Aura it just doesn't detect the GPU or 'VGA.'

How do I fix this? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Level 7
I'm having the same issue with my 3090 Strix, did you happen to fix the issue? My main goal is trying to get the gpu to show up in iCUE but it isn't, only the motherboard does.