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HyperX Predator and AURA 1.07.35 Fix

Level 8
So the problem is with the Kingston DRAM AURA component, which is updated from to in AURA software 1.07.35. This component apparently does not work, thus AURA software does not detect the RAM. What you can do to fix this is to uninstall the latest version of the Kingston component bundled with 1.07.35. To do this you go to your unzipped installer folder of 1.07.35, then LightningService, then aac and launch AacKingstonSetup.exe, which will open the uninstaller. After you have uninstalled the new component, you need to obtain the installer of AURA 1.07.22 software. For some weird reasons ASUS has removed all the older installers, but Softpedia still has it. So, once you obtain the 1.07.22 installer, you go to the same aac folder and install the older AacKingstonSetup.exe. This should give you the version of the DRAM component. Now you simply restart your computer and the RAM should be visible in your AURA 1.07.35 software.

I would like to call out ASUS to please update us on the reasoning why these versions have been removed and what is the status on a new version, where the Kingston component will be working. With this issue being so widespread and people returning their RAM, this is disastrous communication management from ASUS side.

Also, if this is due to some security vulnerability related to RGB programming and this particular RAM, this has to be addressed with a public statement either by ASUS or Kingston. If this is known and hidden from the public, it exposes a lot of people to potential danger and thus might even prompt at future class action law suits.