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How to make ASUS AURA WORK! Guide?

Level 7
Alright, after doing my own troubleshooting and reading everyone's posts I thought I'd share what I've discovered.

Firstly, follow the steps that user "Kayone" outlines in this reddit post.

After you've done that, AURA should load, recognize all your devices and LED's should work and be programmable.

For me however, I still had one issue!?!?

LED's would power up with my system but shut off once Windows loaded. I had to open AURA, click "off" then "on" to get the lights back up. I believe this only happens from full shutdown.

Try the following.

If you're running Corsair iCUE and it picks up your motherboard, this is what's causing the lights to shut off.

Go to Program Files(x86), Corsair, CORSAIR iCUE Software, plugins and delete the ASUS folder or whatever make your motherboard is. If it doesn't allow you to delete the folder, simply quit iCUE and then delete. You'll have to delete this folder when and if iCUE picks up the motherboard again, which should only happen after an update.

Hope this solves everyone's issues and hopefully ASUS fixes these AURA issues in future updates.

In all honesty, I'd rather use iCUE for everything but we're not there yet. ASUS needs to kick it up a notch with their software development.