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How to install ai suite3 3.01.10?

Level 7
I have been using Asus Prime X570- PRO motherboard, Win 11 and Ai Suite3 3.00.69. Works fine. Now I downloaded AI Suite3 3.01.10 which is shown on my motherboard’s web page for Win 11 and also uninstall AI3tool. Although I have made every effort to install 3.01.10, I haven’t been successful. Neither AI3tool nor Windows uninstall commands are ABLE to remove existent AI Suite 3 directory which is under Program Files (x86). And several error messages.
Now I am asking to Asus: Is there a complete guide to install latest version. Or there is something in 3.01.10 to be corrected? Or what am I missing???
Regards and thanks.

Level 7
Hey !

You can find some tips to do that in this thread:

Cheers !

I decided that no one uninstaller in Windows Environment is able to remove all components and files of Ai Suite 3. After standard uninstall command of Windows, I deleted leftovers via RegEdit one by one. It took long time. Although it seemed uninstalled, everything is staying at registry "HKEY_LOCALE_MACHINE". No installation will be any more.

Problem is fixed, Ai Suite 3 reinstall done and working 🙂

Level 11
I dont like this new software at all. I liked having Tweak II open so I could see the temp in nice big numbers. The other numbers are not that important to me. This new software does not allow you to close one side, and the temperature numbers are not nice and big and clear.

Rant over. Thanks for reading my post.