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How to fully uninstall and clean out Asus Aura?

Level 8
Does anybody know what the accepted method is to fully clear out Asus Aura software and it's associated software?

Zeroed85 wrote:
I didn't know anything about the latest AURA causing slow downs, where did you hear that? Which version of AURA are you using?

Sorry about the necro... But yes, Aura still eats a buttload of CPU cycles (ie. slows down your machine) even with the latest version on the newest hardware. Aac3572MbHal_x86.exe eats like 10% of a 5600x - and really, shouldn't Aac3572MbHal_x64.exe be running instead - on my 64bit Windows 10?

Level 8
I noticed that there is the option to install Aura Creator as a standalone program. Does anybody know whether Aura Creator includes the plugin capability that Corsair Cue requires for motherboard lighting control?