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Help with reinstalling ASUS software. G20CB

Level 7
Hello everyone,

So I purchased a beautiful ASUS G20CB off of a guy on Ebay. The device worked perfectly but the original owner left all of his personal files and data on their. So I successfully did a factory reset. Then I wanted to install an SSD to make this thing super fast.

I used a Samsung 860 Evo for the boot disk, used Samsung's Data MIgration software hoping to move everything to the SSD and that seemed to work fine. However, it did not move the recovery partition properly.

Then after about 7 hours of researching and trying things... I ended up deleting the original boot disc when trying to repartition the size of the C: drive so that Macrium Reflect could make an identical image of the original to the ssd. As the ssd was smaller than the 2TB of the original, I had read the only way to make a clean clone was to repartition the C drive to fit the ssd.

I've been able to get the system up and running again, ASUS Command is missing a few features such as lighting in the tools section, recovery, etc... I was able to find AEGIS II and reinstall that but I really just want to make this machine OEM again.

One of my biggest amateur moves was that I did not create a recovery drive after the factory reset. Is there anyway to order recovery disks and/or is someone willing to make/share their G20cb recovery discs via dropbox, gdrive, etc...

Thanks everyone.