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help with apps to fix aura sync, livedash and others

Level 12
Hello guys. NEED URGENT HELP since there is no way....

Need the foloowing apps.
1. the last aura cleaner
2. aura sync 1.07.55
3. live dash 1.04.12

i need to fix 8 machines with formula and the 360 aio that do not work. OLED screen do not work.

these are 39.000.00USD machines bill. aside of almost 300 users that apps are not working and they are piss... including me

Need help
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1mluer wrote:
Does somebody have the downloads for the listed items.. I am sure they will fix my issue too. I need the installers

Read up.

Here is LiveDash 1.04.12

Level 12
i will try these today during the day. i will check with my test subjet and i will get another 5 formula xi in 2 or 3 days
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Level 11
the livedash looks like it helped because it load immediately after the lighting service kicks in. Aura Seems to work too but it's all about the lightingservice for me. once I restart the lighting service that does start on it's own but doesn't initialize the lighting, it then initializes the lighting and every thing works. I haven't tested in a game yet because before it would crash the lighting service when I started any DirectX game.

I need a lighting service that works everytime on startup and not need to be restarted. I think it will have a better chance of working then.

BTW I found out something stupid in my bios. when I go to advanced / onboard devices/ and turn it the LED lightiing to aura only. It turns off my power button, my hard drive indicator and the post code display. I turned it to Aura Only not stealth. . Talk about dump.
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Level 12
Here is what i think. since i am working on formulas xi. live dash have aura components. can these being conflicting having 2 auras being install?

I remember a issue back on feb2019, that having components. I intall live dash and does not run. I am using 1005 bios and las oem main drivers. I did not install aura. but aura components where install.
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