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help to get into safe mode win 7 not working

Level 7
Hello, I am trying to get into the safe mode selection menu with F8 during the boot of my win 7 pc its an Asus Rampage IV Black edition but when I use the F8 key (I press this many times while it boots) I get a menu about what HDD I would like to use for booting, I was told to just press Esc key on this menu and then to press the F8 key again straight away but instead I get a message that the incorrect boot file something arather is not right and to replace it and press any key, so... how do I get into the safe mode menu as I want to disable the signed driver setting for windows to use my playstation 3 controller on windows. I am using the DS3 Tool program from the internet is there a better program for the PS3 controller to PC?

Cheers, GK

Level 15
Hey buddy, try the F11 key instead 😉

Myk SilentShadow wrote:
Hey buddy, try the F11 key instead 😉

For some reason now it is working I press F8 and get to a menu (not the one I want) and esc it then very fast press F8 again and behold its there!! very good but as far as disabling driver signed setting to use my PS3 controller on my PC I gave up as I could not get the Bluetooth to work in Motioninjoy program so now I am going to buy a Logitech one made for the PC.

Level 15
If you hit F8 before or during the Asus boot logo, you will trigger the window to select your boot device. If you hit the key after the Asus boot logo, you will get the options for Windows.