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[Guide] How to control over 100 addressable LEDs (WS2812B) with Asus Aura

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Hello fellow ROGers,

As you may know, Asus Aura limits number of addressable LEDs to 60 when you change it in settings. Its pretty annoying as it limits our customizing options. Well, thankfully there is a solution to that which can increase that 60 to 100+.

In short, you need to do a simple edit in LastProfile.xml file that stores your whole Aura configuration (like what color scheme you use etc., notning critical). This way you can increase default cap of 60 to 128 (there is another hidden soft/hardware limitation). Without further ado, here is full guide.

Also, if you wonder "what kind of LED I'm talking about", if you have new Z370 motherboard it has a "Addressable RGB" header in it for a special kind of RGB LED strips where each LED can take separate colour, if you want to get up to speed on how they work and what they are you can check my previous video.

Now lets remember that with great number of LED comes great current draw. Asus boards have 3A limit which allows us to power up ~50 RGBs. Fear not, there is a solution for this problem, you can power up your strips directly from PSU. My video also covers that topic and shows schematic for power splitter as well as a neat schematic for RGB strip parallel connection that allows you to connect more strips into a single addressable header.

The schematics are available here (below) and video is above.
Power splitter
Signal splitter
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