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GPUTweak II OC Mode Crashing Games

Level 7
Hi all,

My GPU is the ASUS Strix GTX 1080 A8G. Both Mafia III and Battlefield 1 would randomly crash to desktop during gameplay. On Saturday morning I installed the latest GPU Tweak II and accidently closed the program. I played Battlefield 1 for the entire day and experienced no crashes. On Sunday morning after a reboot and GPU Tweak II running again in the background, Battlefield 1 crashed to desktop after about 30min of play. It did the same thing with the previous version of GPU Tweak II as well. I had a suspicion that it must be related to the OC Mode I had running in GPU Tweak since day 1 and changed my profile to Gaming Mode. For the rest of the day I had no crashes in Battlefield 1 after many hours of play. Strangely even in OC Mode my card never exceeds 67 C, so I'm not sure why OC Mode is crashing my games?

Level 10
Does your card come with micron memory, maybe you have the same problem then as with the GTX1070.
It just may be the same thing ore not.

I used CPU-Z and confirmed that my memory is Samsung.

Level 10
With a card like that there is no point of using the OC mode.

maybe the driver from sunday 375.63 will fix your problem.

Erwin05 wrote:
With a card like that there is no point of using the OC mode.
Truth be told, I experienced no difference in frame rate in Battefield 1 between OC Mode and Gaming Mode. DX12, all settings maxed, 1080P runs at 120 - 130 fps peaking at 160 fps in certain situations.