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GPU Tweak question

Level 7
So I recently purchased an Asus Stix GTX 970. I installed GPU Tweak when I first installed my card. When I first had it installed, I could manually set the fan anywhere from 0-100%, and could also set my user defined graph as i pleased, again anywhere from 0-100% fan speed. There was an update to GPU Tweak, which installed itself since I have live updates on. There were issues with the user defined graph (it had reset itself) and I could not edit it. It every time I grabbed one of the points to move it, it would slam down to the bottom of the graph and would not let me move it. So i did an uninstall and a clean install of the previous version I still had downloaded. This solved the graph editing problem, but now the minimum fan speed i can set is 40%. Does anyone know why they changed the minimum fan speed to 40%? I like to run my fans constantly at 25%, even when no load is present. Let me know if anyone knows why Asus has changed the minimum fan speed to 40%.


Level 9
First mistake was letting GpuT to update itself, there are a lot of bugs between fixes and generally its unstable. These bugs carried on into GpuT2. I strongly suggest you find a version of GpuT2 that works for you and never update it. The Sad thing is that ASUS doesnt keep a lot of versions on its websites, but maybe some forum member might help find a usable version.

TBH I wouldnt worry about the fan speeds until you get a working copy of GpuT2. If you really need a fan control program there are a few floating around, some are actually updated. Fanspeed is one of the most popular.

For overclocking try MSI Afterburner if you can find a working copy and its more stable than GpuT/GpuT2.
SpeedFan controls fans and temps, once you learn how to configure it properly. :cool: