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GPU Tweak Opens Window on Desktop

Level 9

So I have being using GPU Tweak for a while now without any issue. After updating to the latest version though now every time I open a program or even switch between HDR on/off GPU Tweak opens a window on my desktop if it is running in the background instead of staying minimized to my task tray like it always has in the past. I can't find any setting that has to do with it though I assume I am missing something simple. This interferes with various programs and would be great if there was a way to stop it from acting this way other than simply not running it.


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Hi all,

GPU Tweak is now available to download

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

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Level 8

In the settings (little gear icon) - there are two minimize to system tray options that you need to select:
Screenshot 2024-04-02 081600.jpg

I thank you for the reply, and realize I didn't put which version I was using in my first post, but I know about the settings for minimization. I was using GPU Tweak III version and there was, and appears is, no way to stop it from popping up on the desktop as you start a program. I "fixed" it being going back to the previous version of GPU Tweak and all is well so I guess I can hope this is a bug and not a feature going froward with the program. Again thanks for the reply and my apologies for not giving needed info in my original post.

I am on and have the same problem. GPU Tweak III keeps opening. I will minimize it back to the tray, then it will eventually pop back up randomly.


The options to start minimized are checked.


I wonder if it's the Show Monitor on Program startup that's causing the problem... Will try with it unchecked and see if the behavior changes. 



Actually, the "Show Monitor on program startup" option is probably for the "Monitor III" which doesn't open to the desktop, on it's own like the Main GPU Tweak III window does, so I'll leave it enable for now. 

I tried submitting feed back / a bug report on the following page, but it errored out. It took me to a page to email support, but there was no option for residents of Canada or the United States on the page it took me to.

Edit: Unlocking Windows, some times causes it to pop back up. I've done a couple test locks and unlocks and can't reproduce, but it seems to be more reproducible, after the monitors have gone to sleep, and unlocking Windows triggers Windows to do it's zoomy thing with the displays. 

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.22631 N/A Build 22631

Edit 2: I can confirm, that it is reproducible when Windows does it's zoomy thing. Letting the monitors go to sleep, then moving the mouse triggers the zoomy effect. GPU Tweak II is not present at the start, but pops up when the zoomy effect happens. 

Edit 3: It appears to be tied to resolution shifts. Changing a displays resolution in Windows Launching a game (that triggers a resolution switch), and or changing the resolution in a game triggers GPU Tweak III to popup. 

A resolution, or display change, would also explain why GPU Tweak III will pop up when HDR is switched on or off. So that is likely the cause behind the issue.

Hopefully some one form the ROG team will see this and pass the info along to the dev team. It's kind of annoying, especially when it covers something that I'm referencing for a quest or or a chat. 

Level 9

FYI, I tested with the new GPU Tweak III v1.7.6.1 and the problem still exists. Any time there is a Display Handshake IE: toggling HDR, changing the resolution, or waking the displays results in GPU Tweak III v1.7.6.1 popping up. 

So as I joked this may not be a bug but a "feature"? I hope not because it is one annoying feature if it is. I'm sticking with until otherwise. I wonder what changed to make this occur in the two newest versions? Thanks for checking.

Wish I could do the same, but unfortunately I need v1.7.5.5 or higher. lol