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Level 9
For the past two years, we have been working closely with enthusiasts from all walks of the industry to define the next chapter in the GPU Tweak saga. That collective feedback has been carefully packaged into every layer of GPU Tweak III. At the forefront of the revamp, there’s a completely overhauled UI, automated profile loading for games and apps, and new ways to track vital metrics and stats. To bring GPU Tweak’s aging feature set and UI into the modern era, we felt we had to start from the ground up. This would allow us to create a more flexible foundation on which we could build up...

Latest Release: 2021-01-18
Known Issues:

The Nvidia GeForce Experience overlay and the GPU Tweak III OSD conflict with each other and can prevent games from running when both are enabled. It is recommended to only run either the GeForce Experience overlay or the GPU Tweak III OSD.

The CPU Usage field in the OSD may show incorrect values.

When multiple programs are in the same place, the layering of different GPU Tweak III windows (main screen, Monitor, Settings, and OC Scanner) may be inconsistent, so some elements may fall behind other programs while others are in front.

Frame Rate Limit requires any running games or programs to be restarted before taking effect. Currently this function only extends to 255 FPS.

OSD fonts in GPU Tweak III style only allow for Calibri and Calibri Bold adjustment. Full font adjustment will be added in a later release.

GPU-Z clock values do not update in real time. To update the clock values, close and reopen GPU-Z.

Mouse step size controls have not been implemented yet.

Not all hotkeys are completely implemented at the moment. Notably, the Timer is visible but not working.

Screenshots will always be saved to the default folder, not personally selected folders.

The Default display wallpaper is just a blank black background.

Wallpaper transparency has not been implemented yet.

Fahrenheit temperature settings only affect the Monitor, not the other parts of the interface.

Some interactions with the OSD may cause an error to appear referring to "mFinitialize Fail". This error does not affect operation.

Programs that have multiple different .exe files with the same names may not swap settings correctly and may use the wrong profiles. For now, set all related .exe files to the same settings for a smooth experience.

Game and application file names are not sorted properly in the Profile Connect window.

2021-01-18 Download and Bug reporting (url page bottom)
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Level 9
The moment y push the button OSD the program will shut down.
It did work for 35 hours

MMXMMX wrote:
The moment y push the button OSD the program will shut down.
It did work for 35 hours

Reminds me of the earlier days of GPU TweakII..

Maybe try reinstalling GPU Tweak III, the OSD is working ok with version


Version has been released today, and is listed on the downloads page for at least some of the Strix graphics cards:

2022/08/16 68.34 MBytes

GPU-Tweak-III V1.5.2.5 For Windows 10/11 64-bit.
With this latest version, GPU Tweak III is now fully compatible with the Java version of Minecraft. It also arrives with a commonly requested fix for external fan curve controls, plus improvements to the behavior of OC Scan and a few tweaks for the display of system information.

1. Fixed bug: External fan curve screen displays abnormally and cannot be controlled.
2. Fixed bug: During the installation process, GPU Tweak 3 sometimes repeatedly prompts the user that "GPUTweakIII.exe" is not closed.
3. Updated GPU-Z.dll to the latest version.
4. The OSD now supports Minecraft (Java version).
5. Fixed bug: After disabling the "Show Monitor on program startup" setting and saving, the Monitor is not displayed, but the Monitor icon in the column on the left still indicates an open state.
6. Fixed bug: When the length of the log file is too short, the value will be displayed outside the window when hovering over it with the mouse cursor.
7. Fixed bug: Memory clock is set to default after performing an OC Scan.
8. Fixed bug: Sometimes the OC Scan button cannot be clicked.
9. Fixed bug: Display Refresh Rate is not shown for some Nvidia cards.
10. Fixed bug: Sometimes clicking the OSD button causes a crash.

GPU Tweak III OSD known issues or limitations:
• The OSD Screenshot (Hotkey: F9) function cannot be used in HDR mode
• The Timer (Hotkey: F7) function of the OSD can only be used when the System Time option is enabled.
• Turning on the OSD may cause lag in games accessed via Xbox Game Pass.
• The OSD may have compatibility issues with other OSD/Capture software such as Discord Overlay, Nahimic OSD, or OBS; operating multiple similar applications at the same time is not recommended.
• The OSD hotkey may not be usable in some games, such as Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2
• The OSD will not limit the display position of GT3 widgets. If a widget is partially outside the boundaries of the screen, use the anchor point function to re-adjust as needed.
• With some OSD settings, title text may overlap with the value behind it
• The OSD may have compatibility issues with games that have ENB mods installed, preventing it from being shown
• The OSD must be activated before opening a game that uses the Vulkan graphics API, such as Doom Eternal or Red Dead Redemption 2. If the OSD is closed during a gameplay session of such a game, the game may need to be restarted.
• The OSD is no longer compatible with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Destiny 2

I've only just installed it, but it seems at least as good as 1.5.0 and 1.5.1(beta). OSD works for me so far. Personal opinion: do a clean install (the default option in the installer), to ensure there's no bugs embedded in the saved settings from the earlier versions.

Level 9
there is still nothing about how to disable logging?
isn't it better to totally remove the software instead of updating, as it was in GPU TweakII?

katlani wrote:
there is still nothing about how to disable logging?

Nope, and I agree that it's something that should be configurable. I strongly disagree with people saying that it's a problem due to SSD endurance, however. The volume of data logged is relatively tiny. A good 1TB or 2TB SSD (e.g. Seagate Firecuda or WD_BLACK) has endurance capable of more than continuously recording a 4K60 HDR stream continuously for 5 years. The logging isn't going to be coming anywhere close to causing a real problem with drive endurance. Even on a cheaper or lower spec SSD with around 0.3 DWPD endurance, it's really not significant. Yes, there should be an option to disable logging, for people who just don't want/need it, but it's a bad reason for not upgrading, in my opinion.

katlani wrote:
isn't it better to totally remove the software instead of updating, as it was in GPU TweakII?

You can do that if you want to, but the installer defaults to a "clean install" mode which seems to work well enough. Personally, I'm not going to go through the extra steps of actively uninstalling the old version when the installer seems to take care of that for me, unless I run into a problem.

Level 11
it wont let me down load the new gpu tweak it says web page 404 not found . cant find it anywhere
13900 ks @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.1 R | 4.5 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,400 c16 G1 | RTX 4090 | XG27AQN 1440P 27" 360Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

bass junkie xl wrote:
it wont let me down load the new gpu tweak it says web page 404 not found . cant find it anywhere

Yeah, looks like it has vanished from the download server. It's still listed on the support pages for some cards, but it's the same download URL that I pasted above, and currently 404. For example, the link from this page:

Level 10
Asus GPUTweak III is on the download site from Asus GPUTweak II.

Erwin05 wrote:
Asus GPUTweak III is on the download site from Asus GPUTweak II.

That leads to the same download URL that I posted above, and still 404.