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Level 9
For the past two years, we have been working closely with enthusiasts from all walks of the industry to define the next chapter in the GPU Tweak saga. That collective feedback has been carefully packaged into every layer of GPU Tweak III. At the forefront of the revamp, there’s a completely overhauled UI, automated profile loading for games and apps, and new ways to track vital metrics and stats. To bring GPU Tweak’s aging feature set and UI into the modern era, we felt we had to start from the ground up. This would allow us to create a more flexible foundation on which we could build up...

Latest Release: 2021-01-18
Known Issues:

The Nvidia GeForce Experience overlay and the GPU Tweak III OSD conflict with each other and can prevent games from running when both are enabled. It is recommended to only run either the GeForce Experience overlay or the GPU Tweak III OSD.

The CPU Usage field in the OSD may show incorrect values.

When multiple programs are in the same place, the layering of different GPU Tweak III windows (main screen, Monitor, Settings, and OC Scanner) may be inconsistent, so some elements may fall behind other programs while others are in front.

Frame Rate Limit requires any running games or programs to be restarted before taking effect. Currently this function only extends to 255 FPS.

OSD fonts in GPU Tweak III style only allow for Calibri and Calibri Bold adjustment. Full font adjustment will be added in a later release.

GPU-Z clock values do not update in real time. To update the clock values, close and reopen GPU-Z.

Mouse step size controls have not been implemented yet.

Not all hotkeys are completely implemented at the moment. Notably, the Timer is visible but not working.

Screenshots will always be saved to the default folder, not personally selected folders.

The Default display wallpaper is just a blank black background.

Wallpaper transparency has not been implemented yet.

Fahrenheit temperature settings only affect the Monitor, not the other parts of the interface.

Some interactions with the OSD may cause an error to appear referring to "mFinitialize Fail". This error does not affect operation.

Programs that have multiple different .exe files with the same names may not swap settings correctly and may use the wrong profiles. For now, set all related .exe files to the same settings for a smooth experience.

Game and application file names are not sorted properly in the Profile Connect window.

2021-01-18 Download and Bug reporting (url page bottom)
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Question about ASUS GPU Tweak II (sorry for offtopic):

I recently reinstalled ASUS GPU Tweak II version and noticed that the problem with NVIDIA control panel frame limiter was solved (the problem was that you couldn't use the FPS limiter through control panel because GPU Tweak II would override your setting forcing you use the built in limiter), now every time that I open ASUS GPU Tweak II from hidden icons, after a few second NVIDIA control panel opens automatically, is this a feature of the newest version?

Update: After reinstalling the driver with DDU and installing GPU Tweak II again the same happens, I tried the same method on the other desktop PC which also has an NVIDIA GPU and it's not replicating my problem. My GPU is ASUS TUF X3 GeForce 1660 Super, while the other is ASUS Phoenix GeForce 1050 2GB...

Level 8
My Monitor page keeps auto-starting after boot. Can´t find a setting for it not to start at all...

Level 10
I downloaded the latest version of Asus GPU Tweak III v but i cant unpak it with Winrar 6.00.

Winrar opens a 2nd window with error 1 no furder info.

Version does unpak with WinRaR 6.00

The file on the downloadsite is empty thats why it couldnt be unzipped Asus removed version from the site.

using it with a 3090 OC
I miss the TDP Watts in monitor we had in gpu tweak 2.
The fans don't behave like I set them to.
What is the purpose of gpu boost clock when it does what it wants anyway?
Same for memory clock.
OC Scanner is too optimistic leading to crashes. Using GPUT2 OC Scanner was stable.
Does GPU Temp Target has any function?

Honestly, what is currently working? I can't set any settings, Monitor will show different ones.

Do we know how long the Beta will be for GPU Tweak III? When can we expect the official release?

One more thing.. in the latest release the fan speed names monitor vs gputweak don't match.
fan speed sides shows the value of gpu fan speed in monitor
fan speed center shows the value of right fan speed in monitor


Level 10
When i go to the Asus GPU Tweak III downloadsite there is a option to send feedback but this doesnt work.
I did answer all the questions and @ 3 images and the code but all i get is Submission failed.

When i only fill in on the lines with * the word TEST it does work.:D



Some people experienced the same server issue and it should have been resolved. We just check again to verify. Please let us know if it happens again. Thanks.

Erwin05 wrote:
When i go to the Asus GPU Tweak III downloadsite there is a option to send feedback but this doesnt work.
I did answer all the questions and @ 3 images and the code but all i get is Submission failed.

When i only fill in on the lines with * the word TEST it does work.:D


FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

I dont really want the Monitor window to auto start.
Please add an option to (en)disable it.
My current version is
Intel Core i7 6700K, ASUS Maximus VIII Hero, ASUS GTX 980 Strix, Kingston 2x8GB HX426C15FBK2/16, Corsair MP510 960GB, Toshiba X300 4TB, XFX Pro 750W, Windows 10 Pro