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GPU TWEAK III Temperature Display Issue After Reboot – Anyone Else?

Level 7

Hey ROG community,

I recently had an interesting experience with GPU TWEAK III that left me scratching my head, and I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this.

After a fresh install of GPU TWEAK III, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new feature on the monitor display – a dynamic animation showcasing the temperatures of both my GPU and the accompanying chip. It was a cool addition that added a futuristic vibe to monitoring system stats.

However, here's the twist: after a reboot, the feature mysteriously vanished. I found myself wondering if this was a bug or just a one-time glitch. Has anyone else experienced this issue where a cool feature like this disappears after restarting the system?

I'm reaching out to see if it's a common occurrence or if there's a solution I might have missed. Perhaps it's a bug that needs addressing in the next update?

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and insights!