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GPU Tweak II V1.5.2.8 fans not running on start up

Level 7
Hi Chaps,

i have encountered a problem over the last few weeks, where the first game of the day I play on Titanfall 2, my system shuts down with no error messages.

After trying several things including a clean install of Win 10, latest RX480 drivers and gpu tweak, I think I have finally tracked the problem down to GPU tweak.

So I installed FurMark ROG Edition and did a stress test as soon as my pc booted up, the GPU temp rose to 90 degs, then the GPU clock started to drop, the FPS in Furmark dropped from about 75 to 30.

Once I then selected a profile in GPU tweak the fans then started up, temp dropped and normal service resumed.

this only started happening a week or two ago any ideas on what might be causing it?

thanks in advance

Level 12
Thanks for reporting this, can you post your issue and share your full system specs in the thread below:

If you can share other details regarding OS, graphics driver version, and other software installed would be helpful for in replicating this issue.