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GPU Tweak II sometimes fails and fans get completely turned off!

Level 8
It has happened to me twice already. GPU hits +90C and starts throttling and fans are not doing anything because GPU Tweak II has crashed or something.

Level 7

I have the same I hope Asus can fix this. I didn't expect to see my 7900XTX TUF reach 98 degrees. Otherwise I can it use this software 

GPU Tweak II is not supported for the RX 7900 XTX.  You need GPU Tweak III v1.5.6.1 or later for the RX 7900 series.

Ah apologies , I meant the GPU Tweak III which means that even the new version still has this bug.

It's probably not the same bug, just same symptoms.  Have you tried version  It's just a few days old, and some of the release notes have fan-related fixes (nothing sounds exactly like what you are encountering, but it's worth a try):

Version  69.4 MB  2023/05/19
The latest version of GPU Tweak 3 contains a variety of updates, including fixes for fan behavior, profile settings and the functionality of the on-screen display (OSD).
• Optimized the behavior of storing data when using the Profile function.
• Fixed an issue where profile settings were cleared after installing the new version.
• Fixed an issue where profile settings were sometimes invalidated.
• Fixed an issue where the user-defined fan curve could not be set in some cases.
• Fixed an issue where the external fan curve could not be set in some cases.
• Fixed an issue where the external fan control mechanism was ineffective in some cases.
• Fixed an issue where the 0dB button disappeared for some models that support the 0dB function.
• Fixed an issue where Radeon graphics card fans could not be controlled.
• Fixed an incorrect display of framerate target settings in the UI.
• Changed GPU-Z output to display both the ASUS BIOS version and graphics card BIOS version.
• Updated GPU-Z to the latest version.
• Fixed the issue where the Model name appears blank when importing a Profile.
• Corrected the issue of misaligned values displayed for external fans on the UI.

• Addressed customer feedback: GPU Tweak fails to apply any settings at startup (with the "apply settings at startup" option checked).

OSD updates:
• Optimized the layout of the OSD setting page (items other than Monitor Data are collapsed by default, with an aligned layout and wider scrollbar).
• Modified the default color settings of the OSD.
• Added an OSD preview prompt message.
• Fixed an issue where OSD hotkeys may not be triggered.
• Fixed an issue where the OSD Ctrl+X hotkey did not work.
• Fixed an issue where the direction-related hotkey controls for the Memo and Photo functions were reversed.
• Fixed an issue where some DirectX 11 games could not be smoothly closed when the OSD function was enabled.
• Fixed the issue where OSD preview fails to activate after switching between Chinese and English languages.
• Resolved the problem of OSD displaying no data in Multi-GPU configurations.

Yeah I tried GPU-Tweak-III V1.6.1.5 today and it still happened.

Maybe it's due to the fact that asus have version "AMD Radeon Driver V22.12.1" and AMD is already on V23.4.3 , because the very first time the GPU-Tweak-III V1.6.1.5 it caused a crash in the GPU driver, or the driver detected a crash.

Oh, yeah, latest AMD driver is certainly worth a try.  I'm pretty sure there's nothing special about the driver ASUS supply, it's just AMD's generic driver.  Aside from your fan problem, the latest driver from AMD will probably improve compatibility and performance for you.

I have tried the Asus one and the latest from AMD. Even the bios update tool for the gpu from Asus just fails. That aside. The gpu tweak tool is not usable if its going to set the fans to 0% and you have to constantly monitor it and go push buttons to get the fans to spin up