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GPU Tweak II not saving any settings/profiles with 2 cards

Level 7
GPU tweak II is not saving any settings (profiles or even simple settings like minimize on startup) when 2 cards are installed. I just got another 2080ti strix OC with the asus nvlink bridge and since then nothing is getting saved. Everytime gpu tweak ii starts with the default profile and default settings. Even without a reboot, just closing and opening gives the same problem. Didn't have this problem when I had a single card. Tried removing gpu tweak with the gpu tweak remove tool and still same problem. Have tried the latest 2.03.1 and older 1.97.1.

Would be great if someone can confirm their settings are getting saved with multi gpu please? and if so which version of gpu tweak?


Level 8
You may have to go way back to 1.6.x.x or earlier.

I'm on a Zephyrus M GU502 and the only version that works on my laptop is (Damn thing came out over a year before my laptop existed, what the hell)