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Gpu tweak ii brokes my 980ti.

Level 7
Hello, just like this topic :

Asus GPU Tweak II brokes my GPU (rog matrix 980ti platinum), I tried to use the OC profile mode and the computer crashed. I tried to reboot it but I get a no signal on my monitor, GPU isnt detected anymore.

I tried everything, tried system restore, tried on an other PCI-E slot, on an other computer, tried to uninstall drivers with DDU to reinstall new ones, tried nvflash etc anything is working as the GPU is just not detected.

GPU's fans are working like 100% but that's all.

The funniest part of this joke (my gpu died by using an OFFICIAL tool for it cmon..) is that the GPU has a "Safe Mode" button to allow you to restore thebios but you need to use GPU Tweak II to activated it.. How are we supposed to use it if the GPU isn't detected ?

Thanks you Asus. How could I do now that I've not any GPU ?