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GPU Tweak II Released

Level 11
The latest GPU Tweak II is out. Here is a link:

JEmlay wrote:
Doesn't work for me at all. When I first upgraded to Win10 2004 GPU Tweak II disappeared. In other words, it didn't get installed back after the upgrade.

Today I tried installing v2.2.1. It installs fine. Rebooted. Now when I go raise a value and hit apply, it just resets back to default. I can't apply any new values. If I select OC Mode and hit apply it does the same thing.

I think that is a bug related to the 3090 Asus cards. Same thing with the new release of Gpu Tweak.

Asus Rog Strix 3090 OC

Driver version : 456.98
GPU Tweak II : V2.2.3.0 (Release 30th October)

I have set up :

+70% Voltage
Power Limit and Temp: Max
+ 100 Core
+ 250 Memory

I have launched Time Spy but strangely the memory remained at stock frequency.

I share my result

Up until this morning I had been using GPU Tweak v2181 - and I've been using previous versions for approx 2-3 years. GPU Tweak is required in order to keep the graphics card within operating temperatures to run the games I play - recently it's RDR2 & Hitman 2 - because my Asus DUAL-GTX1070 video card seriously overheats without it. Usually I can expect RDR2 on max graphics settings to cause the card to run at 67-70'C (Hitman 2 is similar) which has been constant for almost a year. This morning I installed GPU Tweak v2230 and customised the settings as usual. Playing RDR2 on max settings now causes the card to run at 53-55'C. The only thing that's changed in my setup is GPUTweak. WTF?!?!

I know the Asus DUAL-GTX1070 is a few years old and I was thinking of ditching it for a new fangled GTR3070 because some of the latest games seemed to be putting the card under a great strain lately. I still plan on upgrading it but I can't understand why installing GPU Tweak v2230 has made such a huge difference to the running temperatures to my existing video card. It's now operating 25% cooler than before (that's NOT a typo!). It's the same nVidia card and drivers as yesterday and previous weeks/months. Only today it's much cooler and quieter after installing and running GPU Tweak v2230.

GPU Tweak has always been a bit of a PITA for me with regards to consistency and efficacy of what should have been 'established parameters'. Now all that's changed with GPU Tweak v2230. I feel like I should be thanking somebody for this. Although it feels misplaced. My point is, if this is possible to achieve 'now' why wasn't it possible 2-3 years ago?