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GPU Tweak 3 Profile Import Bug

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I need to use GPU Tweak 3 instead of Afterburner to be able to set the Fan Connect II (External Fans) in regards to the GPU temps. Otherwise, I would have switched a long time ago. It was all in all a very unpleasant experience undervolting my GPU with Tweak 3. It randomly adds frequency to my voltage curve and does not just apply the voltage/frequency points I have set. Furthermore, after switching profiles and applying again it sometimes just modifies the vf curve all together making it unbearable to work with consistently.

However, now I have reached my breaking point. After exporting said profiles and importing them again the x-y-axis if the vf curve changes completely. Now there is a 2700 mV max and some 1700 MHz max which is of course completely wrong. Has anyone experienced similar issues and know how to fix it?