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GPU Tweak 2 v2.3.9.0 'C.O.D.' wallpaper background removal

Level 8
Why does GPU Tweak 2 v2.3.9.0 have a 'C.O.D Black Ops' background and not a neutral (non game specific) background? I don't play C.O.D. and don't want to see it every time I have GPU Tweak 2 open for monitoring my GPU. Is there a way to change the background for GPU Tweak 2, or is there a fix that will be deployed very soon? I don't care to have a game specific background stuck as the background image for GPU Tweak 2, especially if it is a game that I don't play, and don't care to ever play.

Level 9

I think its a marketting decision that cannot be changed.
The initial version I have installed had Assassin's Creed background and now the latest version indeed has CoD: BO4 background.

I dont think there will be any update to GPU TweakII anymore, now with the release of GPU TweakIII which I have personally and currently skipped due to the fact that you cannot disable logging as you can in GPU TweakII (means SSD will continiously get hammered).

If anyone have found a way to disable logging, I will do the switch and I believe so would you..

Thanks for confirming that there is no way to change the background.