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GPU Tweak

Level 7
Found this while searching around the asus website

Fix “The system will cause Red Screen in some platform”.

2012.06.05 update
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Level 7
Yep, and not running again on my machine. 6870 DC - card, and this time the operating system is Windows 8 RP, so maybe it's card related .... the latest working version for me was the one. Look into it ...

Red screen issue still seems to be happening with my GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP. Went AFK for ~2 hours and my PC was idle with GPU Tweak+Monitor running, found it to be red screened when I came back. Previously I had been using 2.1.24 which also had the issue, though it seems to only occur when the monitor is running, the tweak program itself is fine.

Level 7
Haven't had a problem yet. I used to get red screens when watching videos but so far so good.

Level 7
Just noticed I have lost the ability to define a custom fan profile. That's a strange omission...

Level 7
Red screen? Can someone show me a video of what this is?
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PALADiN wrote:
Red screen? Can someone show me a video of what this is?

Level 10
I installed this version... unfortunately when I opened the application, nothing happened, restarted my PC still the same problem.. 😞

will be installing the old coz its doin fine... 🙂
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Level 10
hmm I'm still running 2.0.6 ever since 2.0.8 came out people said they've had problems lol
so I haven't upgraded yet or is this new one safe..hmm lol
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Level 8
Found a new one a couple of days ago: 2.1.71

no idea what is new since ROG is too lazy to post any kind of release notes.

Probably only more support for the newest graphic cards, since that seems to be the only thing they care about updating.