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Gpu Target Temp issue

Level 9
Hi guys

since 2 days now the tweak 2 utility is giving me some issues, dunno if it is the utility or gpu or OS.

First the temperature of the first card was rising without the Fan kicks off over 62C. fixed it with DDU and re-seating the card.

Now on advanced tab on tweak i see the GPU target temperature when pressing OC/Gaming/Silent to be 60C and not as it should if i press the connect/disconnect button with power target it goes at 91/83/? and can press the apply button. But each time i use the presets from the tweak it goes at 60C again.

another issue is when i am on simple tab and i change from the 0DB mode to the non 0DB mode then the PC stops responding.

any ideas what could it be ? or i can not avoid a fresh install of OS .


sorry for my bad english

Level 13
MSI afterburner may be your fix