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GPU lights breathing red on startup regardless of Aura Sync Customization

Level 7
On startup, my GPU (ROG Strix GTX 1660 Ti) lights up in breathing red. That's regardless of the Aura Sync customization I have set. For example, I could have the Aura Sync RGB in general disabled, yet the GPU would still light up in red and keep breathing red until I open up Aura Sync, which sets it back to the actual customization (For example, if the whole RGB is off, it turns off. If it's customized to a certain color/mode, it syncs to it.) or until I turn the PC off. In short, I want to have the GPU's RGB synced with the rest of the components without having to launch Aura Sync every time I turn on the PC. Mobo is ROG Strix B450-E (uncommon edition, it's basically the B450-F but a bit beter)

Level 7
Have you got AURA RGB Control for Graphics Card installed as a separate layer of complexity? Why it's separate, no one can explain. I have that & Armoury Crate running - seems to be reliable-ish. In terms of "Reliable for Aura Sync" (ie, not very).

> Drivers & Utilities > Choose OS > AURA RGB Lighting Control for Graphic card & XG-STATION ver0.0.6.7

Level 8
They made Aura Halo a separate program too. Absolutely stupid.