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GP Tweak 2 monitor issue

Level 7
Anyone having issues with GPU tweak 2 monitor window settings resetting every time tweak 2 is restarted? I have it set to monitor temps and clock speed for example but every time I start tweak 2 it resets to monitoring everything. Running latest version of gpu tweak 2 with a pair of 980ti strix.

Do you have. Asus motherboard? I have both Asus motherboard and graphics card (Had Gainward noisy but no problemmen!!) .I have had trouble using GPU Tweak because it looks ate the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 decided everything. the fans would not always start when it was hot. I GPU in smart mode and everything worked perfectly. try not to use GPU Tweak set the OC in Dual Intelligent Processors 5 if you have Asus MB.