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[FIX] Aura Core selected profile not shown in Gaming Center

Level 7
Hello everyone, I'm a software developer that uses GL553VE as daily driver. As I mentioned in the title, I've faced an issue with gaming center and aura core app. I searched for a solution on the internet but couldn't find any. There is also another thread for the same issue in this forum.
This is the link for it:

Here are the screenshots of the issue:

How does this problem occur?
Gaming Center reads keyboard profiles information from a text file of the Aura Core application. However, this text file only contains fields for the following languages.
-Chinese (CHT & CHS)
If your operating system language is not one of the above, this problem will occur. I had this problem because my operating system is Turkish.

What's the solution?
Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ROG Aura Core"
Edit the "Aura.ini" file according to the following steps:
- Copy the English part. (It starts as [English] and continues until the next language part)
- Paste the copy where the English part ends.
- Change the part of the copy that says [English] to [YourLanguage]
(For example, I changed it to [Turkish])
- Save the file and restart the Gaming Center application.