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Fax Xpert 3 / AI Suite 3 / DIP5 feedback

Level 7
I've been using ASUS motherboards for many years now and it's been good to see the included software improve over time. I'd like to give some feedback on Fax Xpert 3 / AI Suite 3 / DIP5 (using the latest versions available for my Z170 board).

1) the temperature source applies globally to all profiles. In other words, I can't have one profile with a temperate source of CPU and another profile with a temperature source of PCH (more useful for gaming). This to me makes no sense and I can't understand why it would be designed this way - surely the whole point of having profiles is that they are customizable depending on the situation? (I am assuming this is working as intended, there is very little in the way of documentation on Fan Xpert 3 apart from half a page in the motherboard manual).


2) it would be nice if loyal customers who had purchased both an ASUS motherboard and hi-end STRIX graphics card were rewarded with the ability to use the GPU as the temperature source to control chassis fans in Fan Xpert 3. Clearly this is technically possible as the GPU temperature value is displayed in AI Suite and therefore the value is known.

3) please allow for the whole AI Suite 3 window to be-sized and/or re-designed so that all of the monitored values (especially temperatures and fan speeds) are visible at all times. It is frustrating having to click a tiny scroll bar just to see one value. All good system monitoring programs have all critical values visible at a glance. This becomes even more relevant when an ASUS GPU is present (because of this I use an alternative GPU monitoring program which is able to show the temperate and fan speeds on the task bar).


A quick google suggests that none of these issues have been addressed in Fan Xpert 4.

My hope is that one day ASUS software will be as good as the hardware 🙂

Level 7
To add one more thing: there is no way to known which fan profile is currently active.