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Fan Xpert4 "extreme quiet" causes fans to pulsate on and off.

Level 7
i have a x570 TUF wifi board with a ryzen 5 3600.

i set up a profile and if i enable the "extreme quiet", which enables me to turn off the fans at idle, it causes them to turn on and off continuously.
it doesnt even matter that i set the ON part of the graph to like 55c and the cpu is idling at 30c.. the yellow ball just goes up and down and the fan turns on and off.. its most annoying.

also, i cant check the box for the package temp and there is a 10c difference between package temp and cpu temp.

Level 7
I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the same issue with my Rampage VI Extreme Encore.
The fans keep ramping up and back down every few seconds. It's extremely irritating.

Sometimes adjusting the fan curve (temporarily) solves the problem, but it seems to always come back.
Disabling extreme quiet does seem to make it more predictable, but to be honest I never found a good explanation of what that setting is supported to do. Does it hurt to turn off?

Level 11
Old thread, yeah, but I've had similar problems with a Rampage VI Extreme Omega. My fans were blasting even, right out of control and nothing seemed to get Fan Xpert to work properly. Hence, I uninstalled AI Suite, and then did Windows reinstall via Windows "Settings > Recovery." After that I did not reinstall AI Suite or Armoury Crate or any of that kind of thing (more like bloatware, really, and that can even still be active once uninstalled--which is why a Windows reinstall is needed). Fans can be controlled via the Bios and as I found with an earlier Rampage III Black Edition motherboard, that is by far the best way to do it and how to once and for all rid yourself of a lot of headaches now, and down the road.

Figuring out how to control the fans via the Bios might require some research, but it is worth it. I'd also recommend monitoring your core CPU temperature & GPU temperatures, etc. via HWMonitor as well, just to be sure your fan settings are the best ones.