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Fan Xpert shutting down my PC

Level 7
Anytime I run the fan tuning on fan xpert it gets to about 54% and shuts my computer off. First I thought it was my fan hub, so I took it out of the equation and plugged the fans into the headers on the mobo. Still shut off. So, I unplugged all the fans except the h115i fans and one case fan and it shut off.

I remember reading that the 1002 bios had some issues with powering off, but I've since upgraded to the 1003 bios and it's still doing it. I've adjusted the fan profiles in bios but when windows loads (not aisuite, it's not on auto launch) the fans slow down and basically ignore the bios fan curves.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?


System Specs:

R7 2700 @ 4 ghz
hero 7
msi 1080 duke
16gb sniper x @ 3400
970 evo m.2
WD blue 1tb ssd

Level 7
same here. Seems that in calibration process trys to calibrate pump also, setting it to 0rpm and than dynamicly raising it depending on CPU temps, but with pump on 0rpm it heats up very fast and PC shut's down (overheat protection?). thats my gues..

more info here:

Level 7
Problem solved (if someone else have this problem (before AISuite tuning set all CPU OC stuff in bios (Extreme Tweaker) to default (otherwise on core boost - your max temp can go to 197C(???) - that triggers instant shutdown of PC).

after tuning you can return to your D.O.C or other settings. (this still needs investigation from ASUS, cus 197C issue is alive).