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Fan Xpert 4, Aura and RGB fans

Level 7

So my story goes that i got a Strix z720-E board and Corsair Crystal box (VERY BAD case please never consider this case ever. PM me for off topic info) with their RGB Fans and controller and noticed that the Corsair RGB fans uses Addressable LEDS and that the controller is not closely compatible with Aura. so then I decided to discard these pointless fans and move to something with an "Aura compatible" sticker on the box.

4x Coolermaster Masterfan RGB was bought.

My issue:
So Coolermaster thought that its cleaver to use only the "R" "G" "B" lines from the motherboard/controller for the leds (note that +12V missing) and then share the 12V line from the fan connector for both Fan power an LED power. - note fan connector to MB is 4 pin connector with all 4 wires populated.

Fan Xpert (which i find is not possible to install without the BSOD AI3 Suite) cant force or I dont see the button, to control the fans with PWM only, I have tried that auto calibrate fan function (and it works-sort off) to control the speed of the fans but somehow the Software/Motherboard still control the fans with Voltage.

Adding these to issues together makes the LEDs in the fans bright up based on the speed of the fan, slow silent fan, no led light. Fast noisy fan, nice bright LEDs.

After I uninstalled BSOD suite 3, since i cant restart with in being installed, i went into the BIOS, ahh PWM button, clicked it, (in fact all fans is PWM so all got set to PWM) and voiala only one fan is now controlled via pwm, so 1 fan has bright LED irrespective the speed, other has speed depending brightness.
Booted to windows, installed BSOD Suite 3, checked Fan Xpert and noticed that the fan speed line for all the fans is flat at 100% while fan speeds not blowing at 100% and still changes based on cpu temp (weird).

To conclude,
How do I force the PWM on the fan and leave Power to fan at 12V using the Fan Xpert program?
Do we have a Coolermaster guy on the forum to comment on their clever idea?