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Fan Xpert 3 ignoring fan profile.

Level 8
Hi Chaps.

Have an issue with my new build and Fan Xpert 3.

I've set up the perfect fan profile for me, saved it, and loaded. Problem is that all is fine for 3 or 4 reboots, but then I fire up the PC and Fan Xpert has ignored my profile and set a random profile.

It's not any of the preset profiles like Turbo or Standard, not sure what it is.

No big deal, I just have to re select my profile, but curious as to why and if there's a fix.

Have the latest Ai Suite 3 for the Z170 Deluxe and latest Fan Xpert.

quark54 wrote:
Hasn't for me to be honest.

Worked great on my Ivy Bridge rig. My son now has it, still working great.

It's just my Skylake W10 pro system with the issue.

It's never worked right for me with my Ranger VII mobo, and now thanks to my new GTX Strix graphics card I don't even have manual control of the fans now :mad:

Will there ever be a fix to this? I'd really like Fan Xpert to just meet the minimum reasonable expectations here....i.e. remembering my custom preset on reboot, and also having a quick access button for my presets in addition to the corner clogger's 4 factory presets. C'mon guys.